Our Family

Our Mission

At Aquapelli, we are focused on providing high quality hydration products with a heart. We believe in our bottles, but even more than that, we believe in our cause, getting more people outside. There are many valuable life experiences and skills gained through spending time outdoors, and everyone should have the opportunity to learn them, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Our purpose is to help others connect with the natural world around them

Our Story

As the boy scouts say, always be prepared. This is something our president, Steve, had to learn the hard way.

Steve and his wife took a camping trip through the Glacier National Park while on maternity leave for their third child. (I was 6 weeks old; Caiti was 2 years old. Perfectly easy, right?)  It was something they had always wanted to do, and finally they had the time.

 When they arrived, they left for a hike right away. The trail seemed easy, so they grabbed their three young daughters and made for the trail head. What they forgot, was water, snacks, and all the other little things that make a hike go easier (At least they remembered diapers). And boy, was it a struggle. Everyone was tired, the kids were complaining, (I was fine, my food source was mobile) and it made them second guess the whole trip.

But, soon they learned. The next hike, with the proper supplies, everything was easier. Without the struggles from the previous hike, moods were higher, and hiking was fun again. A few days later, Steve and his family were hiking pros, finding joy in exploring their surroundings. (Surroundings they act like I remember, but uh… Good luck)

Now, Steve, and Aquapelli, (And Caiti and I!) want to help everyone prepare for their next trip, because with the proper knowledge and tools, anyone can be ready for an adventure.