10 Reasons Why the Apostle Islands Should be your Next Trip

In August, members from our Aquapelli team took on the Apostle Islands, an archipelago in Lake Superior, and ever since we have not been able to shut up about how everyone needs to take the trip. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. The Incredible Views

I bought a waterproof camera for this trip, so I could take pictures while kayaking, without fear, and I could not have made a better decision. The Apostle Islands are always beautiful, as most tree covered land is, but the sea caves are something else. Gorgeous red rock formations that you can explore with your kayak? Come on, what could be better?

  1. A Rich History

While there is a lot you can say about the history of the Apostle Islands, I suggest a stop by Sand Island, the birthplace of a small Norwegian community started in the late 1800s. When the community eventually was abandoned around the time of the Great Depression, there are many remnants that show the struggles and triumphs of early island life. You can even see remnants of the first community cars that were brought to the island.

  1. Shipwrecks Galore

Lake Superior is famous for its shipwrecks, most notably the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. It doesn’t have the most shipwrecks out of the Great Lakes, but there is one thing that sets it apart. Lake Superior doesn’t give up its dead. Its water is so cold, that once a ship goes down, no one comes back up.

  1. Great Group Guides

It is easy to get lost while kayaking on the open lake, and so our merry band of Aquapelli Adventurers went with Trek & Trail, a tour agency run out of Bayfield, WI. Our group had two guides leading our troupe of ducklings, and I can not say enough good things about them. They were friendly and knowledgeable, helping us forget about the ache of our muscles, and focusing our attention on the beauty that surrounded us. I’m sure there are many great tours out there, but when I go back, I’ll definitely choose them again.

  1. Bayfield, WI

Before embarking on your trip make sure to explore Bayfield, a town full of boutiques, outdoor shops, and great food. When our friend told her parents that we were making a trip up, they reminisced on a memorable date to Maggie’s Restaurant that they had 20 years ago. When we discovered Maggie’s Restaurant was still open and serving, we made sure to stop by for some whitefish livers, and a slice of their incredible pie.

  1. The Workout you Never Knew you Needed

Kayaking has quickly moved up as one of my favorite workouts. It strengthens your arms and your core, while providing you with the peace of a good yoga session. Not to mention you can splash yourself with some lake water whenever you feel you are getting too hot.

  1. Fresh Water Beaches

Ever since a bad snorkeling experience when I was 4, I’ve been a bit wary of saltwater. However, the great lakes are the freshwater oceans of my dreams. On our trip, we would stop at a few island beaches on our way, laying out on the sand in the sun. They are private and relaxing, a nice change from crowded, public ocean beaches.

  1. Conquering Fear

Whether you are like me and are daunted by crossing miles of Lake Superior by kayak, or you are a thrill seeker going to Madeline Island for cliff diving, the Apostle Islands can help everyone conquer the voice that tells us we can’t. You can do more than you think you are capable of, but you’ll never know without pushing to do new things, and try new experiences.

  1. Did I Mention the Views?

Ignore my transparent attempt to put another beautiful photo in this post. Or don’t, because you should know that these pictures don’t do it justice. The islands are so beautiful it is hard to describe, and I only wish I could have better captured it from my kayak.

  1. Pride of the Journey

Once you conquer the islands, you feel like you can take on anything. Climb a mountain? Ask your crush on a date? It is all possible. While you are sad that the trip is over, getting to that last beach is a rush, because all those doubts or insecurities vanish for a minute. You did it, and next you’ll take on the world.

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