5 Reasons to Get Out of the City and Visit the Berkshires in the Fall

The Berkshires, technically referred to as Berkshire County, is the westernmost part of the county in Massachusetts. It is a go-to destination for anyone traveling to New England and is looking for a change of pace from the city. It is positioned between the two main East Coast cities, New York City and Boston. As a current Boston resident, the Berkshires are a great escape when I’m getting sick of the city.

1. Those Fall Colors

Calling out the leaves for a fall post might seem obvious, but The Berkshires are one of the best New England destinations to see the fall foliage. During its peak, driving through the Berkshires truly feels like stepping into a completely different region of the country. Pictures don’t even do this location justice on how truly breathtaking it is. I constantly wanted to pull over to check out the incredible views.

2. Serene Lake Views

The Otis Reservoir stretches 1,085 acres, making it the largest natural body of water in Massachusetts. When visiting in the fall, the reservoir is a quiet and peaceful location to walk around and ideal when wanting to isolate from the busyness of the city. While it is a little too chilly to swim in the fall, it is the perfect place to sit by the water and relax. There is no city noise, only water and bird song. During my trip, there wasn’t a single other person in sight, allowing me to feel even more detached and connected to nature. 

3. Those Leaves Though

Honestly, I can’t say enough about the fall foliage that surrounds the Berkshires. I mean look at this photo, they’re beautiful! I stayed in Otis Massachusetts, with views of the Otis Reservoir and the Tolland State Forest. There were trails and hiking paths walking distance in the “backyard” of my stay. Once you are within the Berkshires, you don’t need to travel far to find a State Forest and mountains to hike.  

4. Majestic Mountain Views

There are several hiking destinations located in the Berkshires. The hike I went on was at Monument Mountain. This is a perfect location for anyone who is looking for lighter scenic trails. I started on the Hickey trail which is  .83 miles, making it a nice, quick hike. The Mohican Monument Trail was a leisurely stroll descending the overlook. I quickly discovered that people finishing their hike would provide light motivation for any passing by, saying “Only a few more minutes!” “You’re almost there!” When in fact we were halfway there. What motivated me when I felt physically out of shape, was noticing the number of dogs that were easily roaming up the trail as if it was completely flat. As someone who doesn’t hike much, these trails were great to build up my confidence.

5. Random 4-Legged Buddies

Which brings me to my final reason to visit the Berkshires. I love my Boston apartment, but the one thing I wish more than anything is that it allowed pets. But in the Berkshires, the trails and hikes aren’t short of furry friends. When hiking around Tolland State Forest, a local dog from a family at the campground became a friendly companion for the bulk of the hike. No matter the hike, there are plenty of friendly furry faces. Which is also a great motivation, I always felt like if a dog can easily hike then so can I!  

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